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  1. The world with UWoundCare
    With UWoundCare a physician can have a licensed nurse or another wound care provider such as a nurse practitioner come to the patient’s home to provide assessment and wound management using our app and telemedicine platform. Both the patient and nurse have access to a video call with a medical practitioner immediately. With a physician in the nurses pocket, rapid assessments, quick adjustments to care, and additional needs may be addressed on the fly. Many issues can be resolved during the teleconsultation, but if not, a physician is live face to face with the patient and nurse by video and able to prescribe treatment. Given that 17.9% of the American population live in rural areas and 15.4% of nurses also live in those areas, choosing a provider of your preference is another key feature we offer.
  2. The world Without UWoundCare
    Many of these people are home-bound, making the one to two visits to the clinic every week tough and taxing on an already weak body. Patients seeking care should not have to endure pain just to get to the care facility. Treatments such as debridement cause pain and bleeding, often reducing the willingness of patients to look forward to another visit, and this compounds the problem even more. Painful treatments are not the only cause of delays in seeking treatment. Soreness, immobility, weakness, generally feeling ill and lack of motivation from chronic disease all contribute. The best system exists with UWoundCare.
  3. U Wound Care is the Solution
    UWoundCare provides clinicians and patients with a solution to this problem by allowing healthcare professionals to work with patients anywhere, without borders. Finally, patients are seen in the comfort and privacy of their own home! Unlike other telemedicine platforms that require special equipment, UWoundCare utilizes an app that can be downloaded to your current smartphone/tablet whether you are a patient, doctor, or nurse. The interaction between mobile communication and live contact is unprecedented. We are a true 24 hour a day, seven-day week program with most staff working during daylight hours, and on-call nurses and physicians available from a tap on your smartphone or tablet UWoundCare truly is a comprehensive, accessible, and inexpensive system to help prevent hospitalizations and preventable deaths by leveraging technology and crowdsourcing of licensed health care providers.